Resort History

Stonewater Cove Resort – History

The History of Stonewater Cove – Once upon a time, a Midwestern family found a breathtaking piece of property on Table Rock Lake. Using their own favorite family vacations as inspiration, the dream was to create an inclusive retreat that united the great outdoor experience with the comforts of modern luxury. That dream was Stonewater Cove.

Attention to Detail

The property was purchased in 1993 on the James River Arm, and the creation and development proceeded in many phases over many years; from hand-carving the miles of ATV and hiking trails, to driving to over 100 different small towns looking for unique, local art pieces, to moving rocks from the forest to the core resort area for the many water features along the accommodation buildings and resort facilities, it has been a long and dedicated journey. Stonewater Cove is proud and committed to upholding such an amazing, luxurious getaway and experience to be shared with the most discerning travelers and lake-home living alike.

The Vision Behind Stonewater Cove

Stonewater Cove was created to be a true escape…where everything you need and want is right on property, including all that a world-class resort has to offer.  After many years of planning, hoping, dreaming, and then putting those ideas into action, Stonewater Cove has become everything it was meant to be.  A destination for people with many different interests or levels of desired activity to come together and enjoy the fruits of nature amidst the finer things in life.  Here you will find a dedicated staff that goes to endless lengths to give every guest Happy Vacations and a wealth of new memories to cherish for a lifetime!