Dining at Stonewater Cove

Guests of Stonewater Cove are treated to a delicious and dynamic gourmet dining experience with every meal. All rates include 3 meals per day as well as regular, non-alcoholic beverages. …And S’mores by the bonfire every night….


Breakfast is served from 8-10:30am in the Lodge every day.

Breakfast/Lunch 11:30-2:00pm can be enjoyed poolside, in the Lodge or Lounge, or boxed up, picnic-style for enjoying while out on the lake or trails.

Hors d’oeuvres are served in the lounge and typically start around 5:30pm. Enjoy a delicious cocktail from the bar while you savor dishes designed to pique your appetite.

Dinner seating times start from 6:30-7:30pm. Each night features a new menu as well as amazing Table Rock Lake sunsets from the Lodge’s western facing dining room. During the week, guests are presented with incredible 4-5 course dinners, including choice of entrée. On Saturdays, The Lodge restaurant opens  to both resort guests and our lake dwelling neighbors. Dining reservations must be made in advance and are required; boat-in parking available upon request.

Children’s menu items for simpler tastes are also available and made fresh to order for guests 11 and under (adult menu portions available for little ones with bigger tastes:)).


**Please inform the resort concierge PRIOR TO ARRIVAL if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.


The entire staff and the food was very professional and thorough. Coming from two people that have been in the food business our entire lives, that kind of compliment doesn’t come easily. If I ever had the ability to have my own place, it would sure look a lot like what you have made a reality… -Jim Nesbitt, Houston, TX