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“The Best Hotel in Every State” | Business Insider

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Executive Life | The Best Hotel in Every State | Lauren Browning, Asta Thrastardottir Jan 9, 2015

From an eco-friendly treehouse resort in California to the historic Carlyle Hotel in New York, here are the best hotels in every US state.

We found these hotels by looking at expert reviews, local recommendations, and our own list of the Best Hotels In America.

MISSOURI: Stonewater Cove Resort and Club, Shell Knob

Right on the shores of Table Rock Lake on 500 acres of the Mark Twain National Forest, Stonewater Cove offers an upscale outdoor experience. The hotel has everything from relaxing spa treatments to ATV rides through the forest.

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“This is not a commercial property owned by a big company that slapped up a building and called it “vacation destination.” In contrast, the Bond family, out of everything they love and enjoy, spent 10 years carefully creating and crafting this beautiful retreat in the wilderness of the Ozark Mountains on the peaceful Table Rock Lake.”

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“Missouri Resort Offers Nature, Adventure and More”  

Stonewater Cove capitalizes on natural beauty, massage, fine dining and excursions. 

If you can’t decide if your next vacation should be planned around nature, adventure or pampering, consider Stonewater Cove on Table. Rock Lake in southwest Missouri. Nestled in the Mark Twain National Forest on the lake’s quiet, largely unspoiled James River Arm, the 25-room, 473-acre luxury resort — with fine dining, a spa and optional excursions — offers all of the above. Said chief developer Jim Bond, “Some people just come to eat and hang out by the pool,” which features waterfalls, a grotto, hot tub and fluffy towels on circled lounge chairs much like an upscale beach hotel.

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Relaxation Reaches New Heights at Stonewater Cove

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Nestled between lake and forest, Stonewater Cove has been offering guests the perfect combination of luxury and natural beauty since 2008. This private lake and wilderness retreat stands on nearly 500 acres of forested foothills between Table Rock Lake and Mark Twain National Forest in southwestern Missouri. Menu options like orange citrus salad with sweet-pickled onions and feta cheese, luxurious rooms and suites, and a wide variety of activities like zip lining and kayaking only enhance your stay among the tall cedar and oak trees. Now, Stonewater Cove offers even more of that inimitable mix of nature and luxury with their new Treehouse Spa.
“The Treehouse Spa hits home, hard, for me,” marketing and guest relations manager for Stonewater Cove Randi Bond said. “Stonewater Cove was designed based on this collective dream of a perfect forest and lake home that had all the added benefits of being a resort as well, but now, getting a massage in a treehouse in the midst of eating gourmet comfort food and endless outdoor adventures, it’s pretty easy to be excited about it all!” just a short walk from the luxurious main lodge, three individual treehousesform this unique spa space: a waiting and meditation room, a single treatment room, and a double treatment room. Their deluxe spa services include a menu of indulgent notreatments like lemongrass foot rubs and hot rock massages..
However, Stonewater Cove’s Treehouse Spa seeks to offer you more than just relaxing treatments. Surrounded by decor inspired the beauty of the forest and with window walls to bring that inspired design and the natural beauty together, the treehouses are unique spaces. The cedar part of the construction lends its therapeutic aroma to your treatment. The sounds of the waves on the shore of Table Rock Lake and the quiet rustling of the forest leaves provide a soothing natural soundtrack.
“It was my goal to make the treehouse interiors to be in tune with nature, simply part of’ the natural tranquility of the lake and forest,” decorator for Stonewater Cove Ruth Bond said. “I used soothing earth tones to meld gently with the intricate, cedar woodwork and forest backdrop.”
This stunning setting makes the spa the perfect place to indulge – indulge in arejuvenating massage, in a moment of meditation, in a quiet hour by yourself amidst the beauty of nature. No matter what brings you to Stonewater Cove, the new Treehouse Spa is sure to add a new, relaxing dimension to your experience on the shore of Table Rock Lake.
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